2014 Cyclocross State Championship Heads to Montrose


The final spots remaining open to the State CX Championship at Montrose Harbor are filling up as cyclists prepare for the last race in the Chicago Cyclocross Cup circuit of the year. The race is this Sunday on the north side of Chicago, and despite chilly weather the full field expects plenty of crowd support.

Often described as one of the more difficult courses of the year, Montrose offers challenges that few other races provide. The always unpredictable weather keeps cyclists on their toes and ready for just about anything Mother Nature can bring. Like any winter race, layering and staying warm is crucial. Because of the variables on the course, cyclists and spectators alike need to be ready for not only the cold, but plenty of wet stuff as well.

Cyclocross in Chicago has become more than just an event for cyclists while their family supports them on the sidelines. The fans and spectators are as much a part of the race experience as any aspect of the course. From loud cheering to good natured ribbing the fans are constantly interacting with the participants and often giving them that extra boost of energy they need on a chilly day like the one expected Sunday.

To stay warm, Higher Gear is going to bring their van. Cyclists or fans can come in to avoid possibly nasty weather until they are forced into the elements to compete. Higher Gear is also offering a few last minute training rides to prepare cyclists for the big day. Every day from today through Sunday there will be some sort of training program, from a spin class to strength training and even outdoor rides.

For more information on the training rides or for extra tips and exercises for cyclists,click here.


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