All runners understand the importance of volunteers and spectators at races. Volunteers set up cones and help put together the start and finish line. They fill dozens – sometimes hundreds – of cups of water and Gatorade, and they pick up just as many empty cups off the side of the street. They stand for hours handing out sponges and snacks and I’m pretty sure if you needed an extra pair of socks to finish the race, most volunteers would take off their own and hand them to you. AndRead More
On Sunday, I ran my second half marathon – yes, the one I’ve been talking about all summer, and actually trained for as opposed to the 2015 Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon that I ran MAYBE six miles prior. And I learned that training really helps, seeing that I got a 14-minute PR. I loved the race; the course was great, the energy was motivating and the weather could not have been more perfect. Want to know more about it? Read my recap here. What I’m here to talk aboutRead More
Chicago Marathon 2015 430

Second Glance: Bernard Lyles

By Holly Petrovich
OCCUPATION: Captain of Aid Station 19 at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon Q: Where is your aid station located on the course of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon? A: We are at aid station number 19, which is at mile 24.5 and is the second to last one. I’ve been working it for 25 years, just one year after Carey Pinkowski [current race director] came on. Q: I would imagine it’s a pretty long day, how does it work? A: As the captain, I oversee about 300 volunteersRead More
The North Face celebrates the Chicago running community with a fun run followed by a presentation and book signing with November Project founders Brogan Graham and Bojan Mandaric on Friday, October 7. As part of The North Face Never Stop Exploring Speaker Series, the 2.65 mile run will start at The North Face Store on Michigan Avenue and end at the Navy Pier Rooftop Terrace. In their presentation, Graham and Mandaric will share how two Bostonians started the global fitness movement, called The November Project, which changed the status quoRead More

Strava Adds New Safety Feature

By Holly Petrovich
Strava, the popular smartphone app for athletes, released a new safety feature to allow users to share their riding location in real time with family and friends. The GPS tracking app is a well-liked tool for runners and cyclists to not only track their own trips, but compare them to friends’ routes as well. Users can also obtain statistics such as distance, speed, pace, calories burned and elevation through the app. Now, the app created in 2014, allows riders to select up to three safety contacts, according to Bike Radar.Read More
The Bank of America Chicago Marathon continues to provide significant growth to Chicago’s economy, with the 2015 race delivering an estimated $277 million in total business impact to the city, an increase of more than 9 percent compared to 2014. The findings come from the latest economic impact study reported today by Bank of America. The event remains an important economic driver for the city, providing more than a quarter of a billion dollars to Chicago for the third year in a row. The independent study is conducted by UniversityRead More
Last weekend (Sept. 17), I endured probably the toughest race, competition and event I’ve ever participated in; the Spartan Beast was a mentally and physically challenging, BEAST of a run. Despite a minor hip injury and recovery training, I headed out to Pala, Calif., where the race was held. Pala Raceway was like nothing I’ve ever seen; it was a motocross track surrounded by mountains, and it was absolutely beautiful. But, I’d very soon after realize how much I was going to hate the “scenery.” Each race starts with enteringRead More
In recognition of his contributions to his native state, the governor of Wisconsin proclaimed Sunday, Sept. 25, as Chris Kegel Day throughout the state. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Mayor Dan Devine of Kegel’s hometown of West Allis, Wisconsin, have also named that day as “Chris Kegel Day” in their respective cities. A Milwaukee-area icon and fixture of the local and national bicycle advocacy movement, Kegel, owner of Wheel & Sprocket, has spent more than 40 years in the cycling industry promoting numerous bicycle charity events and bicycle infrastructure projectsRead More
It was the Sunday morning every runner hoped for when they registered for the Chicago Half Marathon – cool and sunny, with a slight breeze coming off the lakefront called for tons of PR’s and happy finishers. The races, in which more than 15,000 people participated, marked the 20th Annual Chicago Half Marathon and Life Time 5K event. Runners from all 50 states and 47 countries gathered in Jackson Park early Sunday morning to prepare for the race. Lake Shore Drive was closed promptly at 6 a.m., and the wheelchairRead More
Marathon season is upon us. If you are participating in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, you are likely already into your taper. The taper is a very important part of your training and should be planned very carefully; I often tell my athletes that at the point where you are tapering, there is literally nothing you can do to make your race better; however, there are a lot of things you can do to make your race worse. Generally, most people plan for a three-week taper. Here are aRead More
Two Barrington residents, who are avid swimmers, are currently working with city and state agencies to organize a swimming event for 100 plus swimmers in the Chicago River next year. Don Macdonald, a management consultant, and Doug McConnell, an investment banker, proposed a charity fundraising event, in which experienced open water swimmers would swim a 2.5-mile distance in the Chicago River. In their proposal, they claimed that all swimmers would need training, permits and vaccinations in order to participate. Specifically, swimmers would begin at Ping Tom Memorial Park, swim pastRead More
young woman running in the early evening autumn leaves
Today marks the first official day of fall – finally! Even if it doesn’t quite have that brisk, chilled feel in the air yet, we know it’s right around the corner. It seems the whole world is ready for the new season; social media has been blowing up about #PSL (Pumpkin spice lattes, which I actually think are gross), and even Snapchat has a Starbucks and UGG boot filter today. But while others are excited to cuddle in their sweaters and go to a pumpkin patch, runners have a wholeRead More